How To Make Money Using Blog in 2020

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Make money online: a stimulating subject to speak .

In my previous article, I talked about the way to start blogging where I shared a number of the essential things about starting a blog. Continuing the series, today i'm getting to write the way to make money from blogging.

The questions “how to form money with a blog” or “how to monetize a blog” could be disturbing you because starting a blog and making real money with it are two various things .

This is my favorite topic as I even have tried numerous methods to monetize my blog within the last 3 years (including micro jobs) and got good success with all of them.

If you're a newbie (or an intermediate blogger) who just started blogging, this text goes to point out top working methods to form money with a blog.

You might be employing a few of them, where few of them are going to be new you. But browsing this text will offer you a replacement insight to use different methods on your blog to form money with it.

Let's see the way to make money blogging with the proper methods.

1. Monetize With Google AdSense

AdSense may be a Google-powered platform which provides you the liberty to point out related ads on your blog.

To get AdSense approval, you will have to submit your blog on They'll ask things within the sort of the name, address, your blog's URL, blog's subject and lots of other things.

Just fill the shape carefully and submit it. People at Google will undergo your form manually and approve if it fulfils the standard guidelines.

Note: For India, they approve a minimum of 6 months old websites.

2. Write Review About The Products

Many of the review you examine various products are paid reviews.

Yeah.. it is the harsh truth.

Companies pay an enormous amount to bloggers for writing positive reviews about the products.

So you'll pitch some companies and ask them to write down reviews about their products and promote them together with your blog's authority.

3. Text Links in Articles

Many companies just need a text link inside your article for doing SEO of their website.

So you'll write a relevant article on your blog and insert that company's link anywhere within the post with an appropriate context.

4. Make Videos About the merchandise

If you've got a well-liked blog, companies can pay you much higher amount if you'll make a video review of their products.

Video may be a good way to spread the knowledge within a really short time.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is my most loved method to form money online as BloggingCage's 70% revenue is getting generated by this method.

In this method, you promote other people's product on your blog either by displaying banner ads or by writing reviews about the merchandise .

You might be confused as I already told about these two methods above.

So let's clear that confusion first.

In the above 2 methods companies are paying you FIX AMOUNT to display banner ads (let's say $200 per month) and for writing reviews on your blog (let's say $400 for a review).

Affiliate marketing is totally different than that.

Here you join the affiliate marketing program for a corporation , and that they can pay 10-80% amount of each sale you create .

6. Sell Your Own Service

Once your blog has authority in your niche, you'll start selling your own services.

You can make any software, plugin, write a book or create a video course to sell on your blog.

7. Provide Online Training

Once you've got a well-liked blog, it's easier to sell your online training.

You can find the interest of your audience then build a product around it. Like Alex Becker on Source-Wave has built such a brand that he's easily selling his SEO courses online and making $500,000 a month.

8. CPA Marketing

This is one among the highest money-making methods which all big internet marketers within the world are using.

In this method, you only got to drive people on a page and make them take action.

This action are often filling one form, submitting zip details, submitting their mastercard details for the trial offer or any sort of action.

CPA means Cost Per Action/Acquisition.

Here companies can pay you only for an action. No got to sell the products.


You can charge people to write down a guest post on your blog. Once you've got a longtime blog, people would pay good amount happily to write down a piece of writing on your blog for his or her own blog's promotion. If you do not know what guest blogging is, read it here.

Final words

These are a number of the methods which I even have tried to form money with a blog. Select anybody of the methods listed above it try it for 2-3 months before getting to subsequent method.

With time you'll become a master of that specific method and begin making money together with your blog.

I hope this make money blogging tips would cause you to feel comfortable if you've got started a blog recently.

Share this text together with your near and dear ones in order that they will also know the methods to monetize a blog easily.

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